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Natures Blend SA

Yemini Sidr Honey

Yemini Sidr Honey

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Nature's Blends Sidr Honey

Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the finest and rarest honeys in the world. Its distinctive taste, health promoting nutritious values and limited harvesting gives it this reputation.

But what makes our honey so special? Our honey is sourced from the biblical Lote Tree, or the ‘Tree of Life’ otherwise known as the Ziziphus spina christiplant. Grown in the desert valleys of Yemen, our honey is rarely harvested – once during the peak of the summer heat and once more during the cooler winds of winter. Thus, throughout the harvests we are able to appreciate the variances in taste and texture. 

The Sidr tree spreads its branches across vast valleys from which the aroma easily attracts the bees that look forward to the rich feast served in the flower caps of these trees. The nectar produced inside the flowers is extremely potent and full of nutritional values which contribute to the medicinal qualities of the honey. It is also rich with antimicrobial properties which come from non-peroxide activity. 

In Yemen, the method of beekeeping has always been a traditional one with a lot of diligence and craft often passed from one generation to the next. No chemicals or drugs allowed. No machinery used at all. All are done using simple tools, a little smoke and glistening machetes.

The result?

Simple. Rich and tasty honey – poured, unheated and raw, into containers, thus preserving its vital live enzymatic constituents. And you, our happy customers.

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