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Shilajit | Mountain Blood 25g

Shilajit | Mountain Blood 25g

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Nature’s Blends raw Shilajit powder is an organic and resinous food supplement made from shilajit, a sticky substance (powerful Ayurvedic ingredient) found during the summer season in the high altitude of the Himalayan mountains.

We offer you the powder in its purest form without additives, synthetics, and harmful compounds as it is collected and purified correctly. It lets you avail yourself of the maximum health benefits and enhance physical endurance by using it as a tonic. 


Shilajit is a safe, beneficial, effective, and powerful resin supplement that can essentially help you maintain your nutrient-rich, health-giving, and balanced diet.  

Relieve your general weakness and lead an active lifestyle with energy-boosting raw Shilajit powder!

We source Shilajit from South Asia. Our minimally-filtered and lab-tested powder retains all the natural extracts of Shilajit, contains no impurities, and offers a vast collection of potent minerals for faster healing from health complications. The fulvic acid and humic acid are the topmost active ingredients. We ensure that it meets all quality standards from the collection of Shiljeet to its processing.

Also known as Salajeet, Shilajit powder is high in potency and absorbed readily into the body system to improve physical and mental health. Upon consuming it daily, you will experience improved circulation, a boost in memory and intellect, increased stamina and power, muscular toning, and reduced stress and anxiety levels. 


Shilajit, a herbo-mineral compound, is considered precious not only because it has been a primary part of Ayurvedic medicine to treat men with lower Testosterone (primary male sex hormone) levels but also because it takes centuries to form and ooze decomposed plant-mineral compounds. Yes, the extraction process is equally complicated.

The use of shilajit dates back to at least a millennium in ancient India as a part of Ayurveda. It has a history related to yogis as they tend to use it for maintaining the body’s vitality. It can only be grown in specific surroundings with appropriate temperature and pressure and can only be obtained from mountainous regions (rocks up to over 3000 meters).

Shilajit goes by many names, including “mineral pitch” because it is packed with above 85 different minerals, “mystical offering” in South Asia because people believe it is a gift of gods for people to treat a variety of ailments, and “mountain blood” because this substance is exuded from high mountain rocks.

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Health Benefits of Shilajit
  1. Immunity-boosting agent as it prepares your body fight germs.
  2. Hunt and get rid of free radicals (anti-oxidant trait) and may protect your body from cellular damage.
  3. Increase testosterone levels with the aim of removing sexual weakness.
  4. Helpful for improved brain function.
  5. Shilajit makes a healthful post-workout recovery diet.
  6. It works as an energy booster supplement and anti-fatigue agent, fulfilling nutrition needs and lessening lethargic feelings.
  7. Remove your body toxins from Shilajit as it is an effective natural detoxifier.
  8. Plays a significant role in improving physical strength and stamina.
  9. May play a supportive role as an anti-aging agent.
  10. Apart from reducing fatigue, shilajit supervises cell and tissue repair and maintenance, building up more vitality.
  11. It can solve GIT issues, support metabolism, and promote better digestion.
  12. Infection prevention is another health benefit.
  13. Shilajit can be highly beneficial in the treatment of urinary disorders and skin diseases.
  14. The “mountain blood” can be helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid diseases, including gout. 
  • Always consume it in small amounts and read the instructions cautiously.
  • Take it as advised or suggested by your health physician.
  • It must be stored away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Keep the e-liquid in a cool (below 25 degrees C), shady, and moisture-free spot.
  • Never consume more than the recommended (upper intake) dosage.
  • It is highly advised to consult your health practitioner before adding it to your daily wellness routine.
  • Individuals taking other medications must consult before using Shilajit.
  • Pregnant, lactating, and breastfeeding women should not use it or use it after consultation.
  • If you are allergic, intolerant, or sensitive to any of the product’s ingredients, do not consume them.
  • Stop using it in case of any reactions.
  • Tightly close the container after opening.
  • Don’t consume it without consulting your health physician, especially if you suffer from any medical (mental or physical) condition.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.
  • Individuals with hypertension should not consume it at all.

How much time does Shilajit take to show its effects?

Usually, it takes more or less three months to work on your body or any ailment, showing positive results.

Should you consume Shilajit before or after a meal?

The general practice involves the consumption of Shilajit with milk or at least before a meal. In case you have gastric issues, it must be consumed after food.

Can Shilajit help in treating ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

Yes. Shilajit can cure your ED effectively. To minimize the risks, always consume it before analyzing the causes and consulting with your healthcare practitioner.

Can Shilajit be helpful in lowering blood pressure?

Yes, using Shilajit can lower your blood pressure. But, individuals taking hypertensive medications can experience some problems. That is why patients with cardiovascular issues and hypotension should avoid taking shilajit.

Does shilajit work as a blood thinner?

Shilajit is an efficient blood thinner directly helping in keeping the blood flow from the heart to the internal organs smooth and streamlined. 

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