5 Ways How Black Seed Capsules Are Helpful For Diabetes Prevention Management | Benefits of Kalonji Black Seed Oil

5 Ways How Black Seed Capsules Are Helpful For Diabetes Prevention Management | Benefits of Kalonji Black Seed Oil

Taking unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle into consideration, diabetes is no longer a laughing matter for adults as well as the elderly. Due to its sudden rise, people search for natural remedies to prevent or manage diabetes. And currently, ‘pure black seeds,’ a superfood native to Eastern Europe and the Middle East, are found to have potent pre-diabetes-fighting qualities. 

The effectiveness of black seed capsules is enhanced if it is consumed along with diabetes treatment/medications, a well-balanced diet, and a healthy exercise routine. The results of a 2020 study show the positive impacts of black cumin seed oil consumption in lowering fasting blood glucose levels and minimizing inflammation. Black seed oil looks very effective for managing diabetes symptoms!

Highly beneficial to both types of diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics), it may not only play a significant role in preventing the onset of illness but also reduce the severity with its hypoglycaemic effects and help mitigate the side effects of diabetes. Another research explains how Nigella Sativa oil consumed raw or in capsule form may be the best pick for alleviating diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, cataracts, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular abnormalities related to DM.

Do the black seed gel capsules work for diabetes mellitus? Yes, every diabetic patient can harness the benefits of kalonji or its oil, but still, large-scale medical or experimental trials are required to understand its pros and cons, functions, interactions, pathways, and safety.

Maria E. Pena, MD, an assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine and director of endocrine services at Mount Sinai Doctors, Forest Hills, in New York, says: "More clinical trials are necessary to clarify beneficial effects of ​N. Sativa​, its effective type and dosage for diabetes management and its complications. This shouldn't replace current medications." 

5 Black Seed Capsules Benefits in Lowering Blood Sugar

1.  Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Despite the insufficient scientific evidence, black seed oil softgel capsules are absolutely a prized addition to your anti-diabetes arsenal. If a recommended dosage of 1.5-2 g/day of black seed oil (for diabetics) is regularly consumed for up to 12 weeks, you will witness a drastic decrease in blood sugar levels, as per the National Institute of Health (NIH) report.

A study conducted in 2017 determined that kalonji oil is capable of reducing HbA1c and aiding in beta cell proliferation. You must consume black seed capsules filled with BSO instead of black seed powder to reduce fasting blood sugar levels. It regulates blood sugar through different direct and indirect pathways:

  • Increases insulin production 
  • Enhances hormonal sensitivity 
  • Decreases intestinal insulin absorption 
  • Helps in more insulin production
  • Minimizes damage to pancreatic insulin-producing cells, which helps control Type 1 diabetes.
  • Increases sensitivity of insulin receptors
  • Flights glycated hemoglobin
  • Encourage the regeneration and activity of insulin-producing cells (according to the review published in the British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research)
  • Stimulates cellular activity 
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Improve glucose tolerance

A 2017 review published in the Journal of Pharmacopuncture indicated a reduction in fasting blood glucose (diabetes test taken on an empty stomach) in individuals with diabetes type 2 when taking black sesame seeds capsules. But you must be extremely cautious because when capsules are taken with metformin, glipizide, or insulin as your blood glucose levels may get low to an unsafe level.

2.  Reduces Oxidative Stress 

Control your body's stress if you want to reduce the chances of developing microvascular or cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes.

Black seed may play a pivotal role in suppressing oxidative stress, which can directly increase the risks of diabetic nephropathy. Consuming Nigella Sativa black seeds can result in lowered levels of serum creatinine and blood urea (BUN) levels needed to reverse kidney disease.

Additionally, this super-oxidant superfood increases serum antioxidant activity, offering protection to your kidneys and other organs.

Black seed

3.  Controls Inflammation

On the one hand, internal inflammation may aggravate the risk of Type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, internal inflammation can be a severe consequence of lowered insulin sensitivity. In short, combatting inflammation and its spread is necessary to manage blood sugar levels.

With 100% pure, vegan, mineral-rich, and organic black seed capsules, your body is reloaded with anti-inflammatory agents and potent antioxidants which help lessen swelling, pain, and injury.

4.  Improves Cholesterol Levels & Maintains Blood Pressure

No doubt, the pure kalonji seeds comprise wide-ranging anti-diabetic agents, but it is also enriched with health-promoting mono & polyunsaturated fatty acids. Kalonji oil for diabetes can never go wrong!

For those who don’t know, DM lowers HDL (good cholesterol) levels and upsurges LDL (bad cholesterol), causing stroke and cardiovascular issues. To prevent heart-damaging cholesterol build-up, take black seed oil softgel capsules as it balances the HDL blood levels. According to a 2015 study, individuals with T2DM consumed black seed oil (3g/day) for three months and observed considerably dropped LDL cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels.

Along with cholesterol, blood pressure supervision is equally important. Diabetics have decreased potassium levels, letting the individual experience absurd rebounds in blood pressure. Black seed ingredients are potassium-rich and aid in combatting potassium deficiency for better blood pressure management.

5.  Safe & Faster Weight Loss

Do you know what the significant risk factor for diabetes is? Obesity!

Whether you have T1DM or T2DM, you must lose weight for improved diabetes control. The best way to get rid of extra pounds is to choose natural remedies, and black seed comes second to none when we talk about healthy weight loss.

With the smart use of black seed capsules with a diabetic diet plan, you can suppress appetite and hunger pangs, boost metabolic rate to burn extra calories faster, curb unhealthy cravings, and improve gut health for healthy digestion. Capsules with black cumin seed oil for weight loss are an ideal option to go for!

Best Quality Black Seed Oil Capsules 

You must be wondering what the best form of black seed oil is. Black seed and its oil come with a bitter taste and potent, lasting flavour that is not appetizing. That’s why black seed capsules are the best pick to enjoy their health benefits without bearing the weird taste.

Which shop to buy black seed oil capsules of the highest purity and potency? Nature’s Blends has black seed oil softgel capsules packed with powerful nutrients and healthy fatty acids for supporting healthy heart, bone, digestive, mental, and lungs function. It will fortify your immunity, regulate digestion, and bring hormonal balance.

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